Advice On How To Use A Die Cutting Machine For Photo Editing

To describe die cutting at its basic level, it involves using die in order to make identical, repeated cuts from the material using a machine. When it comes to manufacturing, this machine becomes useful as an affordable way to create numerous items with efficiency with the perfect duplication. For card-makers, paper crafters, and scrap-bookers die cutting allows for the simple creation that yields perfect renderings for a number of shapes.

For example, with a die cutting machine, you are able to cut 10 3” circles for a color blocked-layout within minutes or 25 shapes for your wedding invitations, offering the perfect cut and shape every time. More importantly, the die cutting machine also allows for a way to cut shapes regarded as intricately detailed which may be impossible to cut manually with your hand or to cut shapes which match up perfectly for creating 3D items or images. For example, the die cutting machine can easily cut intricate doilies within seconds.

With the die-cutter, you are able to make cuts of precision through a number of fabric layers. It is advisable to practice your die-cutting projects on pieces of scrap fabrics until you feel confident enough in your skills. When it comes to using a die cutting machine you will need the following equipment: cutting pads, a specialty-die, and a die-cutting tool.

You should always follow the manufacturer’s instruction when it comes to die cutting. The pads serve the purpose of protecting the cutting-surface, while the rollers on this tool ensure the fabric does not shift when it is cut. The blade that is embedded in the foam is extremely sharp. For this reason, avoid applying pressure to your die cutting machine using your hand when you position the fabrics. Below are some recommended step by step instructions on how to use one by Cutting Machine Reviews.

Instructions On How To Use A Die Cutting Machine

  1. Make sure the die foam is facing up and position the fabric over the shape you plan to cut. You are able to use multiple layers of a fabric, making sure you follow the manufacturer’s specifications according to the die-cutting machine you have purchased.
  2. Sandwich your layered fabrics and the die in between the 2 cutting pads.
  3. Align the cutting pads, fabric and stacked die firmly up against the roller of your die-cutting machine.
  4. Now turn on the handle of your machine making sure the die passes through your rollers.
  5. Now remove the top-cutting pad, lifting off and setting aside the excess fabric. Finally, lift-off the die-cut shape.